with 1:1 Coaching + Guided Support!

If you sense you are in need of deeper embodied healing, self-discovery, inner healing work, + personalized somatic mind-body recovery...

check out the option for weekly 1:1 coaching calls.

Receive text support + customized guidance that includes integrative healing modalities to equip you and safely expand your nervous system capacity to endure difficult emotions.

Move out of survival mode (chronic fight/flight/freeze)

FASTER + with greater EASE!

1:1 coaching makes the healing journey happen faster as you rewire your brain + body and learn how to support yourself compassionately. Showing up for yourself with consistency is how you rewire your nervous system so that you can live soft, open, and free.

If you're interested in this option + weekly 1:1 coaching calls,

click here to book a short discovery call first!

If you've already spoken with Jill, feel free to register now!

*Membership is recurring until you contact Jill or message support@jillmariehowell.com to stop your subscription.


Here's what you get when you join the

NOURISH Membership...

-Weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls

-Session Recap Emails

-Text Support

-Growing Somatic Nervous System Healing Hub

-Private Community

-Monthly Release + Restore Class (Somatic Stress Release) Included

-Monthly Workshops Included

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